Prayer Requests

Please remember these needs in your personal prayer time each day. You may wish to leave a comment on the individuals' blogs (if links are provided) to encourage them. It is a blessing to realize that others are praying for you.
Please comment or email me with any requests that you might have. You can reach me at quiltnsrep(at)yahoo(dot)com

From Cindy,  My daughter and her husband are foster parents and live with us in a duplex. They are expecting the arrival of new children soon. Please pray that we are able to love whoever God brings into our homes, that we might be a blessing to them in difficult circumstances.

From Carolyn, at Catachresis: My mother who is elderly is unwell and would value continued prayers for her and for myself and my brother as we both have health issues too. Thanks and God bless.

From Cathy, at Eagles' Wings: My son and his wife separated in October. He has been very sad and very angry since. He is searching for answers, but is searching in the secular world and its philosophies. Please pray for his salvation. Along with the separation, has come the drawing away of our daughter -in-law and their son from our lives. They live 4 hours away. Please pray that we might find the grace to forgive, and somehow maintain contact and a relationship with her and our grandson.

From Linda, at Linda's Lines and Loves:  Linda wrote (Oct. 10, 2012) that her mom-in-law passed away on Sept 30. Please pray with Linda that the Lord will provide wisdom to deal with all of the issues that a death in the family can bring. Linda is dealing with so much right now - the anniversary of the death of one of their children, stresses at her teaching job, and now more grief. Stop by her blog and let her know that you are praying for her, a sister in Christ. I know it will encourage her heart.

For Tonya, at Hillbilly Handiworks blog (July 3, 2012): Please pray that Tonya and her hubby will hear good news soon about a possible promotion for him. It will mean some welcome financial progress and a possible move to a new town. UPDATE 10/2012 Please pray for Tonya's hubby as he is struggling with health issues; pray for Tonya's strength as she handles the home and extra duties, and please pray that the doctors will have insight into what the problem is, and how to correct it.

For Lisa, at Shady Grove Journal blog  (June 25, 2012): I asked Lisa if we might be able to support her in prayer. Her parents are elderly, and her mom especially is dealing with some health issues, due to Parkinsons. Lisa is trying to arrange for some compassionate care-givers to assist in some of the day-to-day care that her mom needs - this will help her parents, and help Lisa, too. Please pray that she will find just the right person for them -- it's difficult sometimes to find the right personality, and difficult, too, to arrange it in such a way that feelings are not hurt. Please pray, too, for peace for Lisa as she deals with these issues. UPDATE 10/2012  Please pray for Lisa, as her mom has passed away. It may bring her some comfort if you want to encourage her with a comment on her blog, letting her know of your prayers.

For Donna McBroom-Theirot (June 22, 2012):  I asked Donna if we might pray for her. She is a recent follower of the Bible study blog, and has been diagnosed with two different blood disorders. In addition to the uncertainty and concerns of treatments and upcoming tests, Donna is also dealing with a great deal of fatigue. You can learn more about her condition at her blog, and I hope that you will join me in praying for her. Please pray for wisdom for her doctors, as well, as they strive to help her.

From Belinda (11-13-11):  A very dedicated Christian couple in my church is going through a terrible time right now. Especially the wife. I count her as a friend. Her mother has cancer and is very needy, having only Paige, and an ailing husband to take care of her. Now Paige's husband has been diagnosed with cancer. My heart breaks for them. But, God is good, and she says something very special is happening around them. She's very aware of all the prayers on their behalf and knows God is in control and will work His will. Update 6/27/2012 - Paige's husband is with the Lord, please continue to pray for her as she ministers to her parents.

From Pam: The Walker Family.  She just lost a kidney and now has to return to have her foot amputated below the knee.  Sunday night her husband was taken to the hospital with chest pain.  He had to have a heart cath. on Mon. and had some bleeding.  He did get to come home tonight.  Her mother is having lots of medical issues.  Please pray for her that she will have the strength to travel to the hospital to be with her daughter.  Also their daughter works for WalMart and just came back from Maternity leave and they won't let her off. 

From Marcia: Marcia's mother has a cancerous brain tumor; there are other family crises situations going on as well. Update: 6/29/2012 - Marcia says that the treatments for the cancer have been successful, and her mom is doing well!


  1. Please hold my husband in prayer today. (July 10) We are on our way for another appointment at Abbott Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Allina Hospital in Mpls. It has been a long three years with a mitral valve replacement, followed by three cardioversions,and an ablation in both upper chambers. He is on several strong heart medications with multiple side effects. Which are comprising his ability to work and accomplish what he needs to do. We are praying that his heart has healed enough to be able to reduce some of the meds. Thank you.

  2. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! We just returned from meeting with the Cardiac physiologist at Abbott. He is totally removing one strong heart medication and reducing another by 50%. He said the heart is finally healing. He doesn't rule out that there still could be set backs or that Herb may need a second ablation later. However, for now he is pleased. He looked at me and said, "If he doesn't feel better and stay feeling better call me." We go back in six months. This is the best news is 3 years. Thank you for your prayers and I do ask for continued prayer. Oh! To have him feeling better!!! Thank you!!!!!!
    In Christ's Love, Linda

  3. Update on my son-in-law. He's filing for disability and found out two weeks ago that he is diabetic. The doctor gave him a chanced to take oral meds and change his diet, but that didn't lower his levels enough, so he is now on insulin. Please help us pray that he can get his blood sugar under control and that the disability will come through. The added cost of diabetic supplies is a huge burden on their finances.

    Thank you all for your prayers!

  4. To update some of my requests...

    The Holderfields are doing better. Debbie was able to return to work last week, but Scotty is in for more surgery on his hip. He is still bedridden and his sister staying with him during the day.

    My son-in-law has been on insulin for a few weeks now and seems to be doing better. Of course he has good and bad days but seems to be doing well. No word on the disability but we pray it will be approved.

    Paige has had a hard time since her husband passed. She is in a place where she doesn't know where to go to church any more, and is still grieving. Please remember her in your prayers.

    Thank you for your continued prayers for these!

  5. Snoodles, thank you so much for your prayers and concern for me and my family.... even taking the time to 'sign' my mother's guestbook at the funeral home. You are kind and sweet. Thank you.

    I will pray you will have a positive 'update' to add to your prayer request this year.

  6. Snoodles, I can't tell you how happy I am to read of your Christmas miracle! I'm so joyful for you and your family, to be reunited with your son. Thank you for updating us and encouraging all of us.

  7. What wonderful news!! It's so encouraging to know our prayers have been answered in the way you wished them to be!!

    Please continue to remember my son-in-law. He has decided to apply for a job very close by, that is not physically demanding. He would be able to sit as much has he needs to and be in a relaxed atmosphere. He submitted his resume today (1/4/2013) and hopefully will get this job if God wills. He and my daughter desperately need any extra income they can get.

  8. My daughter and her husband are foster parents and live with us in a dublex. They are expecting the arrival of new children soon. Please pray that we are able to love whoever God brings into our homes, that we might be a blessing to them in difficult circumstances.

  9. My son-in law did not get the job. I can't help but feel it's just as well since there are nights when he has so much trouble sleeping, he can't even stay awake long enough to drive my grandson to Mother's Day Out the next morning. I just don't think he will be able to work a normal job.

    My sister-in-law Christy is still going through chemo and it makes her feel sooo bad. She is still trying to work though and it's very hard.

    I pray the new arrival for cyndiofthevortex was a true blessing and all is well!

    I pray Linda's husband is still doing well.

  10. I'm so thankful this page is here. :)

    My son-in-law has been trying to apply for disability, but so far has been denied. This would surely help my daughter's stress as their finances are so tight.

    My unborn granddaughter is refusing to appear. LOL!! Please remember my son and his wife as they wait impatiently for our little girl. This may be an indication of her personality. Just kidding!!

    This time of year is very stressful for our family. Several birthdays, graduations and family reunions. I'm having a difficult time dealing with it all. I ask that you not only pray for my peace, but that I will respond and conduct myself in a way that is pleasing to God.

    I'm very thankful for Mz. Snoodles and how much she studies and works to present a God filled post every day. Praise God for her ministry!!

  11. I would very much like to thank you for prayers for my family who are sick. My mother is much better at the moment for which we praise the Lord.

    It is lovely to read about the needs and then the answers and updates as the Lord intervenes by His will.

    I also am grateful to Ms Snoodles for her diligence and faithfulnes in producing the blog posts every day that always cause me to stop and think!! xx

  12. I just want to praise the Lord this morning for all He is and all He does!! He has been faithful to protect my family from disaster time and time again! He continues to bless me in more ways than I can count.

    I had my first colonoscopy yesterday and all was fine and dandy. Thank you Lord!!!

    I am blessed with the task of making a few memory quilts for a friend who lost her husband last year. We had a wonderful time of visiting and remembrance while we discussed the quilts yesterday. Thank you Lord!!

    My new granddaughter grows like a weed and is healthy and happy. Thank you Lord!!!

    My grandson continues to grow in stature and wisdom and is such a blessing to us. Thank you Lord!!

    The one prayer I have today is for the families of those in OK who lost their life in the tornado. God give them comfort and hold them in His embrace as they grieve.


  13. I've been looking back and it seems I am a very needy person when it comes to prayers. Ha.

    This Saturday, we leave from central Arkansas on our way to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a special vacation. I'm taking my daughter and grandson, and my sister is coming along for the fun. Please remember us in your prayers as we travel that distance with a three year old, and for at least a few days of good weather. The forecast looks a little iffy. I know it's not a big important thing, but when you spend so much hard earned money on a beach trip, you really do want to have sunny days. And I'm sure God isn't offended when we ask for simple things. I think He smiles that we include Him in all aspects of our life. :)

    Have a good week everyone!!

  14. Praising God that He always works things out, is always available and has created such a wonderful world for us.
    This morning I sang praises as I walked my usual mile and a half around the neighborhood. Temps were in the mid sixties and the sun was shining. The gardenias and mimosas are blooming and the fragrance is unlike anything man can create.

    We made it to our beach destination and back with no major mishaps. It wasn't the relaxing vacation we had hoped, due to a little red headed imp, but we are so thankful we were able to go. The weather cooperated after a couple of days and all was well.

    Said grandson had his tonsils out last week. Still feeling the effects of that but gradually getting better. Thanks be to God, the Great Physician!

    God is good. Life is good. All is well.

  15. I wanted to update any of you that may have been praying for my requests.

    1. My daughter and son-in-law finally received his disability back pay and are now able to purchase much needed things they have put off for so long. Such as clothes. It's a tremendous weight off my daughter's shoulders!

    2. My father-in-law has settled a bit, and so far has not had any more major meltdowns. Minor ones yes, but they are manageable so far. There is a medication that my mother-in-law can now give him if it begins to get out of hand. We had to take his keys, and for about a week he was not happy, but he finally accepted it and seems to be adjusting to that reasonably, for the time being.

    3. My grandson has not been sick since his tonsils were removed, and he's growing by leaps and bounds and gaining weight. We are so relieved.

    Thank you for remembering us in your prayers. God bless you all.


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