About our Study (and full disclosure)

Here are a few words from Tonya, the founder of this study blog:
"After trying in vain for many years to be a part of a women's Bible Study group, I realized that it just doesn't  work for me. I never have childcare, or I am uncomfortable with the 'gossip session' the group becomes, or various other reasons have left me a bit empty in the group setting for Bible Study.
I am a firm believer in studying the Bible verse by verse. Themed studies are good and even I have been blessed by them, but I feel nothing is better than just opening up God's Word and reading along! So that is exactly what we will be doing. 
Finally, we will be going SLOWLY. If you want to go faster and check back in, then that is fine too. I just want people to open up their Bible and read. A little is better than none. So we are taking baby steps. 
Please feel free to comment. I would love it if we could carry on conversations. Please take a moment on each post to say something, even if it is just a symbol or letter, so that you can click the button to subscribe to the comment feed. This will make it much easier to join in discussions!! Due to the nature of this blog, I am enabling comment moderation. Too many people love to hate on anything having to do with God, so I will filter that out before it gets published.
I will post daily Monday through Friday as I feel it is important for us to be fed daily. Thank you for joining me on this journey."
Tonya has taken a leave of absence from the blog, but we hope to see her back here one day in the future. She is a fabulous teacher and we'll miss her!
For now, I'll be trying my best to fill her shoes on a daily basis, instead of trading weeks with her, as we did in the past. I hope that all who pause here during their busy days will receive a blessing.

PS. I've been a long-time user of Bible.org and of Sermon Central, and I truly appreciate the content and the people who contribute to those resources. Between those sites and my commentaries, I have been able to learn so much, and to explain things to others in ways that I could not have done alone. Some of my study posts are written after reading sermons and devotionals from other individuals, and I do not claim that all of the words found in this study blog are original to me. If you find your words here and wish to claim credit, please leave a message and I will gladly provide citations that point back to you. The Holy Spirit has blessed me so much as I prayerfully prepare these posts....thank you to all who freely contribute to the internet for those of us who need help in completing the tasks that the Lord has blessed us with!