Monday, February 11, 2013

Dreams of love, Part I

As we approach Valentine's Day, there is a lot of hype and merchandising bombarding us, isn't there? Everywhere you turn, you are exhorted to buy flowers, chocolate, donuts (yes, I really saw that at Dunkin Donuts!) and presents for the love of our life.

Love is in the air, they say. Ahhh, yes, l 'amour! Lots of romantic couples will get engaged, and many will say "I do" on Valentine's Day. There are so many myths and "old wives' tales" about love and marriage. Don't worry, I'm not going to break out into song, but I bet some of you are hearing Sinatra in your heads right now.....Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.....

One of those myths revolutionized a whole industry in recent years --- the wedding industry, no less. Remember when we switched from throwing rice around, to blowing bubbles after the wedding? That was supposed to be to safeguard the birds, who might eat the rice and have it expand in their tummies. Bad for birds.
But more recently, a Cornell university ornithologist has stated that there is no research to substantiate this. In fact, she says, there are birds that routinely eat rice in the wild with no problems.

A good one for Myth Busters, right? Well, how many other myths are there out there about love and marriage? How many Valentine dreams are revealed to be pipe dreams in the long term?

How many young ladies visualize that day after day they will awaken beside their husband and he'll look just as fresh as a daisy, no beard stubble, no "morning breath" and great hair?
For that matter, do they dream that they'll look tremendously alluring to him, with perfect makeup and flawless hair (and of course, no morning breath)?

Do either of these people, eager to sashay down the aisle, think that the cute little habits they see in their prospective mate will remain cute little habits, instead of turning into irritating flaws?
Do they dream of the makeover they will accomplish with their (un)willing spouse?
Does our young lady daydream of how attentive he will continue to be, and how he will remain generous with the flowers and gifts?
Does our young man daydream of the fabulous meals that he will see placed before him every evening, even though he has an inkling that his intended has no clue about cooking?


These dreams of love can cause problems, can't they?

What is a Biblical, Godly basis for love and marriage? Are there any hard-and-fast rules and guidelines that we can glean from the Word?

I would like to explore this over the next few days . . . ready to dive in with me?

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Belinda said...

Marriage is NEVER what you imagine in your dreams. Ha! I'm looking forward to this exploration with you!!