Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday slowdown

This group is the latest of several groups of men who have performed as the Palmetto State Quartet, and since at least one hails from my area, I've known them and their music for quite some time. I hope you will enjoy this video, presented with warmth and humor -- the title of the song is appropriate, considering our study yesterday . . . "Watch what my God can do!"

Watch what my God can do,
Watch what my God can do for you.
You may face some situation
Some trials or tribulation
But watch what my God can do.

Moses stood along the Red Sea shore
The people cried, "We can't go on, no more!"
He took his faith and trust in God
Moses lifted up his rod, and said
"Watch what my God can do."

David ran up to the babbling brook
In his heart he knew just what it took
With a stone and just a sling
That ole giant heard David sing
"Watch what my God can do!"

So when your back is up against the wall
And troubles come and feel like ten feet tall,
Well there's no need to whine and pout
God will surely help you out
Watch what my God can do.

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