Monday, February 23, 2015


God has blessed us with our families and our friends as we walk this earth. And He shows us in His Word, and by the nudging of His Spirit, that we have responsibilities to those around us.

He gives us strength as it is required, as we try to do the jobs that He would have us do, and we strive to complete those jobs and give Him the glory.

I find that I need to take a few days in order to honor my responsibilities, and in so doing, to honor my Lord.  I hope that you will bear with me, and re-join me next week as we continue our studies.

You are all very real blessings to me; whether you read and go on your way, or you read and leave a comment, please be assured that I love all of you as sisters and brothers in Christ, and that my heart is always conscious of my responsibility here, as well.

Take care. Stay safe. I'll see you again soon.


Belinda said...

How well I understand this. I will pray for you and what you must take care of.

I so much appreciate your dedication to this study. When it's hard to find time for Bible reading, this has been my rock. Thank you.

Cathy said...

I agree with Belinda, 100%. I love reading and absorbing this study. Our lives pull in so many different directions, that, before we know it, we're pulled so thin, that we can't function. Praying for strength for you!

Austin Towers said...

Am praying for you, Jacque. Hugs, Caro

Katie Isabella said...

XXOO for real, my dear.