Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving II

Again today, here is a song of praise and thanks to the Lord. I hope that you are enjoying this week and lift your heart in praise with us.

VERSE: Lord, I am thankful; thankful for the Name of Jesus; thankful for the Blood that cleans us. Lord, I'm thankful for You each day. Each day I am thankful; thankful for the Spirit's leading; thankful that in You there's healing. Lord, I'm thankful for You.

CHORUS: Oh let my spirit soar in worship to Your Name. My life is not the same by the power of Your Blood. And every moment that I breathe, Your Spirit leads and meets my every need of walking in the Light of You.

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Katie Isabella said...

I LOVE that Lion and his face! And the devotional. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. xox