Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What are we listening to?

What are we listening to, today?

Think for a moment.
Just sit back and think.
What sounds have you heard today?

Did the alarm wake you?
Did the sound of a pet or a child rouse you from sleep?
Did the soft ticking of a clock hit your ears as you looked about you in the morning light? (Yes, I know, I'm not only old, I'm old school.)

How about when you walked down the hall? Did you hear your own footsteps? Or the steps of a family member?
Did you hear the sounds of your morning cup?
How about if you heard some sounds from outdoors . . . birds singing cheerfully, the breeze moving the tree leaves and limbs . . . perhaps a car moving past your house?

Have you enjoyed the sounds of praise music or hymns as you move about today?

What a wonderful gift our hearing is!
To hear the words and laughter of a child, or the wise advice of an elder -- what blessings!
And what a sweet blessing to hear the voice of God as we read our Bibles and learn more about Him!

What are we listening to today?


Katie Isabella said...

Mom said she listened to me come in and wake her up! She has a real clock in there too!

Cathy said...

Right now, I’m listening to the sound of the glass in the fireplace softly ticking as it cools down, along with the sound of my husband’s breathing as he takes a nap. I find I’m valuing quiet lately.... no tv, no radio, and no music either.... just soothing quiet.