Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prov. 22 : 22 - 23 Taking Advantage

For today's verses I like the NIV translation:

22 Do not exploit the poor because they are poor
    and do not crush the needy in court,
23 for the Lord will take up their case
    and will exact life for life. 

Where's your sense of fair play?

Don't kick him when he's down.

These and other sayings have one thing in common: they are another way of saying, "Don't use your knowledge of someone's faults, shortcomings, or current situation in order to take advantage of them."

We can think of other words instead of "taking advantage". . . exploit is one, and impose is one more.
Some people are awfully, awfully kind. They don't seem to know the way to say "no" when they are asked to do something. They just can't get their lips to form the word.
They are so kind, and they want so badly to cooperate, that they can be pushed into doing things that they don't want to do. Sometimes people will think of them as "pushovers" and sometimes people just don't think . . . they just ask them to do just one more thing. Because they know the answer will be yes.
Do you know someone like that? Is there someone like that in your church? Or in your group, or club?
What should our response be?
What does the second verse say the Lord's response is, to those who exploit or oppress the poor?  Solomon says the Lord will take up their case.  He will stand up for them.  He's "got their back."
Next time you see someone being taken advantage of, perhaps you can stand up for them -- graciously, gently.  You can encourage them to be their own person.
Maybe you can even volunteer for the job they were starting to feel like they needed to do.......


Belinda said...

I've been on both sides of this issue. I've learned to stand my ground, even when I feel bad doing so and saying no.

I have always been concerned with imposing on others, and seldom ask for help or try to get into someone's business. It's just the way I am. Even that can be a curse when you really NEED to step in. The last few years, I've been guilty of saying no too many times. Not good.

I pray for wisdom about how to proceed, and for compassion when needed.

Great post Snoodles!

Miki Willa said...

Great interpretation of these verses. It is a great reminder to watch for opportunities to help someone say no when it is difficult for them. Thank you.