Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Proverbs 28:21 Out of the mouths of Romans

To show partiality is not good--yet a man will do wrong for a piece of bread.  Proverbs 28:21

"...that he might be hired, for a morsel of bread, to speak or hold his peace.”  Cato the Elder, Roman stateman and orator

That Roman politician had it right --- sometimes we humans will do things for the most basic of needs . . . food, peer approval, etc. 

I think we have all seen examples in our world of people who show partiality, based on a person's rank, social standing, or the fact that they can "do something" for someone. They are wealthy; they are powerful; they receive different treatment. We hear about government officials who accept bribes and we hear of local officials who bend the rules for that "certain someone" that they want to treat differently.

As Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun. God the Father knew that we humans would act this way, so he even gave instructions in the Law:

Deuteronomy 1:17 You shall not respect persons in judgment; but you shall hear the small as well as the great; you shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God’s: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it.

Deuteronomy 16:19 Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.
Remember that term that we've discussed before?  "Respect of persons" . . . that's the same as partiality, right?

I am so very glad that God does not show partiality due to social status or wealth (or lack of it), or the family that I was born into, or any other thing. The only thing He sees when He looks at me is the blood of my savior, Jesus!
We must, in our efforts to be more and more like Christ, pay no attention to the outer trappings of the people we meet and interact with. We must look beyond --- not be a respecter of person, not be partial --- and see the child of God who is loved and deserves the same blessings and mercy that we have been given so freely.

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Belinda said...

It's extremely hard not to judge a book by its cover isn't it?? I've been guilty of this countless times. OH! That I would look to the heart and not how a person dresses or what a person looks like.
Thanks be to God that He sees us all the same. Made in His likeness. I pray I have a heart for God, and for those who seem "different" than I.