Monday, March 25, 2013

Proverbs 29:23 It's not about us

Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.

As a history buff, I love to read and study about people who have shaped the past, and in doing so, are still shaping the future. I read once about how Thomas Jefferson chose to write his own epitaph . . .

Here is the epitaph on his grave marker in Virginia:
"Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and father of the University of Virginia."

Wow! Would you like to know some of the things he left out? There's quite a list:

1. He was a delegate from Virginia to the Continental Congress.
2. He was the second governor of Virginia.
3. He was the US Ambassador to France.
4. He was the very first US Secretary of State.
5. He was the Vice President of the US under President John Adams.
6. He was the President of the US, elected to two terms.

He could have had all of those things listed on his tombstone, but he chose to leave all of those off the marker!

Today's verse talks about pride. Most of us would agree that pride is often a vice that destroys many of us, or at least destroys our testimony. We accomplish something in life and we cannot wait for the world to learn of our deed and praise us for doing it. And, what’s more, many of us keep re-telling the story years after our accomplishment.
Some people learn how to handle pride. Thomas Jefferson handled it by having a desire to be a servant. As I read further, I saw that he told his daughter, "The things that are not on my inscription are the things the people did for me," he said. "The things that are on it are things I did for the people."

As good an example as Thomas Jefferson was, our Lord Jesus was the best example of all:
"For even I, the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve others, and to give My life as a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28
 It's good to remember on this week leading up to our Easter celebrations, that it's not about us. It's about Jesus. It's about His becoming flesh, and dwelling among us, and giving His life for us. 

Praise His name!


CATachresis said...

That is a very good rule to live by! :)

Belinda said...

We have a hard time accepting the idea that it's not about us. I guess it's human nature to be selfish and want others to think highly of you. I'd like to think I control that beast as much as possible, but I really don't think I do.

And I wish we were all more in touch with the sacrifice Jesus made for us throughout the year and not just at Easter. Note to self.

Shin Min said...

Thanks for reminding us about this. This is a big help and reminder for those pride person. Thanks and God bless!

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Jacque said...

Hello Shin Min,
I tried to reply to your comment, but your settings are on no-reply, so I will comment here to welcome you! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comment. I hope these posts are a blessing for you.