Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prayer Requests

I hope that you will join me today in a specific time of your day that you set aside for prayer. We may be tempted to take for granted the privilege that we have, to speak to our Father in prayer.

We may be tempted by the hurry and busyness of life, to give just a few moments and then rush away, to things that seem more important.

What could be more important?

We have the opportunity to thank our Father for His blessings, to intercede for others who are hurting, sick, grieving, or in harm's way. We have the privilege of asking for His help in our own lives, as well.

Please look over our prayer request page, and scroll down to the comments below it. Check this page, also, to see if those who have visited already, have left a heartfelt request that you can pray for.

Let's be an army on our knees.

Join me, won't you?

Let's remember those touched by the extreme storms in the US, the lives touched by terrorism all across the world, and those of our sisters who have left requests that are on their hearts.

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