Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christian Businesswomen, Part II

Whether we are single or married, working in the home or outside the home, there are truths in our verse (verse 16) that can be applied to our lives and our walk with God.

There are two paths I'd like to look down now......
Speaking in a practical manner, what gifts has God bestowed on you, that you could use to increase your family's income?
Obviously, if you are already working with your talents and skills outside the home, you already know the answer to this question. But stay-at-home moms (like I was) can examine this, too.

Has God blessed you with education?  Perhaps before becoming a mom, you were blessed with the opportunity to get a degree or training of some type. Consider thoughtfully if you maybe able to use those skills to help your family. Can you tutor schoolchildren in certain subjects? Can you provide accounting services for your church or church family members?  Perhaps you can provide music lessons in your home.  It goes without saying that your first priority is your own family, but if you have some time that can be used, are there things that you can use your education for?

Has God blessed you with a hobby or passion that you can use? Do you enjoy shopping at outlets or online? Can you parlay that into an online business, selling clothing, shoes, children's games and books, or other things? Even if the profits seem small, they may be a great way to supplement your family's income, using your hobby that you find to be enjoyable.  Perhaps you enjoy sewing. You may be able to have an alteration business, make quilts to order, and more.  Your passion may be re-purposing discarded items into useful household gifts. The list is as varied as your imagination!

The opportunities are endless if you truly consider what God has gifted you with, and choose to use those gifts.

Secondly, let's talk about what God has given you that you can use, to expand His kingdom! Perhaps you have family obligations that deny you the opportunity to use your skills in the ways we have outlined above. Keep those skills sharp and ready!
By using them in His kingdom . . .Music skills? Try to be active in your church, whether playing an instrument or blessing others with song. Accounting skills? Be the treasurer for your Sunday School class, or volunteer to help organize fundraisers for groups in the church family. Do you have education and teaching skills? Start a home Bible study for women who live nearby, and plant seeds that God can grow.
Let's pray that our Father will show us what we can do; both for our families and for His kingdom!

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Belinda said...

Two years ago I prayed the prayer you suggested, and thus began my baby quilts for charity. There have often been other things I REALLY wanted to do to bring income to our family, but they were not to be. (Not yet anyway.) God has blessed me however, with periodical commissions that bring me a little extra money. And I appreciate every one of those opportunities!! God is good!!