Monday, July 22, 2013

Merchant ships, Part IV

We are winding up our study of Proverbs 31:14 today, with a few more notes on applying this verse to our lives.
I like this quote from Elizabeth George:
“Mundane, routine, daily provision became a creative adventure for her! She is willing to explore beyond the familiarity and the convenience.”   Elizabeth George
So, like the merchant ships, we need to explore . . . how? Many people look at themselves and mumble, "Well, I'm just not creative. I'm not that way."  And perhaps they are not avid scrapbookers, quilters or crafters. But we are created in His image, and He created the universe with astounding variety, purpose, and yes, even humor.  Are you trying to save money on the family budget? Save on the electric bill -- set out candles and the family can dine by candlelight! Not much in the pantry? Pull together some leftovers to make a stew or a pizza -- but be ready to make some mac-n-cheese with giggles, if it doesn't turn out!
If we can stop being perfectionists, and looking at our work in the home as WORK, then we can inject some creative thinking and some laughter, and we will be making memories as we go. Make it an adventure!
"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:4
We may think that this is all just too much. Verse 14 is too large an assignment. But by applying ourselves diligently to our tasks, and to our relationship with God, we can trust Him to develop these virtues in us . . . it will happen as we mature in Him.
We are all God's works in progress -- remember our first post on this verse? Don't try to row your ship! Allow Him to be your source of power and strength, each day of our lives!
Solomon's navy was renowned throughout the world of his day. In their heyday, the Phoenecians' fleet was powerful and respected.
We Christian women can be like those merchant ships -- as we continue to allow God to work in us and through us, we can bring blessings to those that we care for.
Let's ask Him today to help us rely on His power, and to guard our relationship with Him. Let's also pray for Him to open our eyes to ways that we can be creative in this adventure called "life here on earth." 

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Belinda said...

I've often said that God is a creative being, and we are made in His image. So that makes US a creative being. Not necessarily the crafty sewy kind of creative though. Can we create a loving atmosphere in our homes? Can we create harmony in the midst of conflict? Can we create order in chaos? There are so many ways to be creative that we just don't think about.
I often need to be reminded of this and I'm glad you did it today Jacque!!!