Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rejection (conclusion)

Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue;  for they loved human praise more than praise from God.              (John 12:42-43)

We have talked this week about the people who rejected Jesus. They did not believe the evidence that they saw; they ignored the miracles and the revelation of God. They chose not to follow Jesus.

There were some who were silent believers. These were some of the chief rulers and leaders among the people, and apparently there were many of them. They believed in Jesus -- they accepted the evidence that He was who He claimed to be. They believed that He was indeed the Messiah that they'd hoped for, but they had one super-serious flaw.
They were as quiet as mice.
They didn't make a sound.

So, they failed in three areas. And these are areas in which we can fail today.

First, they failed to confess Christ as Savior. What exactly does that mean?  "To acknowledge or avow, to own or admit as true."

             Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before
              my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:32)

There are consequences here, too!
Secondly, they failed because they feared loss. Some of them feared they would be "excommunicated" or banned from the temple. If that happened, they would lose their position, their job, security, esteem, and honor. That scared them. They stayed quiet.

Lastly, they failed because they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. They loved all that honor and glory and the fancy robes. They loved having the best seat in the temple, and people deferring to them. They put being accepted and approved by men ahead of being accepted and approved by God.

In verses 44 through 46 we see a description of the true believer.

                        Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me
                        only, but in the one who sent me. The one who looks at me is seeing
                        the one who sent me. I have come into the world as a light, so that no
                        one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

Jesus is telling us here that He is the mediator; He is the bridge between God and mankind.
A person is delivered from darkness only through Jesus Christ, the Light. Jesus came to be the Light of the world in order to bring light and salvation to man. His very purpose on earth was to save and to give light. He came as light so we wouldn’t have to walk around in darkness. He came as One who didn’t sin so that we could have a defense against sin.

Remember back in chapter 8?
                      When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of
                      the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but
                      will have the light of life."

I pray that all who read this study will follow Him, and not reject Him!

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Belinda said...

I can understand being fearful of admitting they were believes, but sad that they couldn't overcome that fear.