Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day of Praise 3

Today let's reflect on praising God for our senses . . . do we take these for granted, as we do so many of God's gifts?

As a quilter, my senses are in use a great deal when I pursue my craft. I enjoy the pleasures of bright and happy colors, or soft and soothing ones. My eyes let me take pleasure in movement and shade, and the "play" of one color with another.

The textures of the fabrics are revealed as my hands move across them to cut and piece them. Some are smooth, some rough. Some seem heavier than others.

Think about the treasures that God gives us with our sense of smell. Bread baking, turkey freshly pulled from the oven, the incredible scent of newly-turned earth in the spring. I'm certain that you can add more to the lists!

Our ears are blessed each day with the sounds of nature and of family. The laughter of children, the songs of the hawk above my pasture, all of these cause me to praise Him.

Surely God designed us with love and grace, and gifted us with our senses. How dull life would be if we did not have these joys!

Praise Him!


Cathy said...

I'm sitting here, the same place I was yesterday and the day before, looking out the window and enjoying my sense of sight..... blue skies and the last of the gold leaves raining down from the trees. My sense of taste is enjoying it's second cup of coffee for the day, and my sense of smell is enjoying that same coffee. It's pretty quiet here right now, but I can hear the gentle sound of the fan as the fireplace heats our space. Touch is feeling the warmth of that same cup of coffee. And from now on, when I pet a soft skein of wool, a finished sweater, or a lovely smooth cotton, instead of feeling silly, I'll smile and thank God for His provision that I can feel it. Maybe this can be part of the cure for the grumbling about the weather..... Thank the Lord for the ability to see the clouds piling up, and the ability to hear the wind and the rain against the window.

Austin Towers said...

Our senses are an amazing gift from God! I am always surprised about how particularly evocative the sense of smell can be! Often some aroma will startle me with a memory of a place or event from years ago!!