Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prayer requests

We need to be ready to "roll up our sleeves" and get to work sometimes, praying for those who need our support and God's love.

How long has it been since we prayed for God to bring someone for us to tell of His gospel?

How long has it been since we prayed "whatever it takes, Lord" about a situation that troubles us?

Are we ready to really work at our prayer life? To ask Him to mold us in His image? Are we ready to search the scriptures and then claim His promises in our prayers?

If you have a request or a praise that you'd like to share, I hope you will do so. Personally, I have a prayer request that has burdened my heart lately, that is an unspoken request, a situation that I cannot share, but would appreciate your praying along with me. But I also have a praise! God has helped in another situation that seemed dire, and has given me peace that He will hold us in His hand, and guide us through.

God is good!

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