Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July week

Here in the United States, we celebrated an important day -- this past Saturday was July Fourth! For us, it's an occasion marked by family gatherings, picnics, music and fireworks.

We celebrate more than just a day. As citizens of this country, we celebrate that two hundred and thirty nine years ago, fifty-six men solemnly signed a document that made them all wanted men. They put their signatures on a document that told a king across the ocean that the people living here had different ideas of how things should be done! The strength and the goodness of this nation came from the principles laid out in our Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution which followed it.

Principles like representation -- we are governed by people that we elect, and choose to make laws for all of us. Principles like the separation of powers into three distinct branches of government. And principles like limited government. These are concepts that have come under attack many times since our country's birth, and some will continue to attack them now and in the future.

As citizens of this country we honor and we show our gratitude to those who serve as first responders and as our military forces. They give so much, so that we can have so much.

As Christians we celebrate the freedoms that we have in these United States; we have freedom of religion, of speech, and more. Not just the we are free to worship as we please, but we celebrate our freedom in Christ at the same time that we praise Him for our country. He came to bring freedom to us, since we were captives of sin.
As Christians this July 4th, let's add to our prayers some sincere requests for the leaders of our country. They need it. (Grin) 
We can be joyful as we spend time with our friends and family. Whether we are listening to patriotic music, chasing fireflies, or playing softball, be joyful!
Enjoy the beauty of God's creation - look up into the night sky at the stars. He spoke them all into existence! Praise Him for the beauty and then enjoy the fireworks.

I hope you will bear with me as I take some time with family and rejoin you all next week!
Happy Fourth of July!

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Lisa said...

Very well-written! Love our country!