Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rebekah - going where God leads

We saw last time that Rebekah was willing to go the extra mile to help others; she was a person who made a difference in other people's lives. Then, when it seemed she was in the right place, at the right time, she was willing to go where God was leading.

How can we apply these truths to our own lives?

If we want to be the kind of women who make a difference, we need to put others first. Seems simple, no? But so important! When we live our lives looking for the needs that we can fill, and then place those needs ahead of our own wishes, or plans, or daydreams, we become changed women. Our focus becomes how we can show the mercy and love of Christ to others -- not a focus of  "it's all about me." We are living for something that is bigger than just ourselves, and when we invest our lives in people, the returns, the "dividends," are amazing. The blessings we receive are awesome, but the rewards are far more than what we see in our own lifetime . . . the rewards go forward into other's lives, as well.

Secondly, we can cultivate a positive attitude. I don't think that Rebekah complained about the work that she offered to do. She didn't huff and puff and draw attention to herself as she toted that large jar, and poured out gallons and gallons of water for the camels to slurp up. (Grin) She didn't stop her giving until the whole job was done. She gave Eleazer water, she watered his camels, and then she offered him a place to stay. She was incredibly positive in her attitude. We need to emulate that; we need to lift others up, not push them down. If we make them feel like we are doing them a huge favor by helping them, we've missed the point.

It's important for us to be self-starters. In business, a self-starter is a super resource. He or she is a person who looks for opportunities to do something, solve something, work on something. They don't wait for others to ask for help, nor do they wait to be told what to do. No one told Rebekah to water the camels -- for that matter, no one told her to kindly offer water to the stranger at the well. But she saw a need and jumped in to fill it.

Lastly, we can be "difference makers" by not worrying about the "what will I gain," but by thinking about "what can I give?"  Rebekah gave of her strength, her time, and her effort without thinking about what she might gain. She was sincere and genuine in her giving. She wasn't thinking about gaining anything for herself by trudging about in the dust, hauling water and pouring it into the trough. Are we "what can I give" people, or are we "what will I gain" people? Where is our focus? On getting something in return? If we are going to make a difference in people's lives, and in our world, we will be giving our best without expecting anything in return.

Because of the service that she gave that day, Rebekah's life was changed. Eleazer came to stay the night with her family, and told them of his search. He told them of his prayer, and how Rebekah's actions and attitude answered that prayer. They asked her if she wanted to go back with Eleazer to become the wife of Isaac, and she was ready to go where God was leading her. She said, "Yes."

Rebekah earned a special place in history that day. She gained a place in the Bible, and became the wife of Isaac, and also became a part of the line of the Messiah. So in a small way, Rebekah played a role in God's plan to save the world.

It's just the same for us -- God wants to use us in His plan to save the world. Our roles may not seem all the significant or important to us, but in the hands of God, everything that we do matters. Are we ready to go where He leads?


Cathy said...

Oh ouch! That one hurt! There are way too many times where I’ve put me first in my thoughts and in my actions. I needed to hear this today.

Austin Towers said...

Thought provoking! I do wonder that there might be some circumstances where someone might appear to be putting themselves first, but are in actual fact only doing so in order that other people should ultimately be blessed!? Just a thought! But not thought through! lol