Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday slowdown

I remember this song from our kiddos' Vacation Bible School's so upbeat and fun, that I thought I would share it with you today.

David and Jael both killed their "Goliaths" and God's purpose was accomplished.

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Marla's Crafts said...

Another great lesson this week and another lady I didn't know about. We women have always played a great role in this world.
Nice to see the great weather here and things are going well. My friend has their daughter back home. The only draw back he is there also but now they can keep an eye on her. She has a new job and loves it. We are praying that he finds a job preferably out west but hey we can only hope.
My husband has seen the Respriologist this week and he is great. He started him on a new puffer that seems to be working great. He is actually working around the yard again and doing a little with my son that took over his work. Just getting out will give him a reason to live. Sitting in a chair all day watching TV is hard on anyone. Looking forward to the summer and our trailer.
Thanks again for all your prayers. Just pray that his knee surgery for June 7th goes as scheduled and there is no cancellations. Having the pain leave his knees would be a big bonus. Yesterday was our 37th anniversary. How the years have flown by. We have been blessed with two great sons, two beautiful daughter n laws and four beautiful grandchildren. What more can a person hope for.

Well off to enjoy this sunny day