Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Prayer requests

Sometimes it's hard work to be a Christian.

An effective one.

One that people can see a difference in.

Am I right?

It takes our being devoted to our times of prayer and study. That's how we learn from Him, and grow more like Him.

But it's hard, sometimes. The world has a way of pressing in on us. We have responsibilities, and if we don't do things, who will? (I see you nodding.)

But wait . . . if we don't spend the time with Him, in reading His Word, and praying, and listening . . . how can we possibly have the strength and wisdom to do all that we need to do?

We can't.

As Christians, as women who want to make a difference in our world for Him, our knees should be pretty calloused from kneeling in prayer. Our hands should be turning the pages of our Bibles, and our thoughts should be directed toward Him and by Him. And that means we need to set aside time for the "work" of learning from Him.
Oh, I know, you've heard this before. So have I. But I fall woefully short in this department. I need to apply some bandaids to my toes, since I've mashed them with this rebuke, and then get to work.

My prayer today is that God will forgive me for putting more time into the unimportant things of this world. And that He will meet me as I'm on my knees, putting time into the important stuff. The stuff of eternity.

Each time that we have a prayer request post, we hear of folks who have seen God at work in their lives. He is gracious and merciful, and blesses us abundantly. Oh, that we would work as hard in our own lives as He does!

Please let us know if we may pray with you, or if we may rejoice with you over answered prayers. Let's get to work, ladies, and make a difference in our world!


Belinda said...

I have to admit my toes are hurting as well. I do pretty well for a time, and then BAM! I'm back to pushing it aside.

I pray that I will be convicted strongly enough that I can do nothing BUT stop and pray and study.

Thank you for always being willing to smash our toes a bit with God's direction. :)

Cathy said...

Our God is so amazing, in the way He brings things to our attention. Before reading your post here, I was doing my Bible reading and prayer time. I have a sewing day to attend for the guild today, and so I was asking for grace for my life and actions to reflect and be a witness to God’s love and glory. Not by words, but by actions. Then I came here, to find you talking about the same thing.

Katie Isabella said...

The coincidence many times of what you write here and what I personally need is wonderful.