Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What are we listening to?

We focus many times in our music on how the melodies make us feel. We enjoy the harmonies and we sing along -- so often this can soothe us and comfort us. It can also "pep us up" and get us ready to work hard for God's glory!

Do we spend time singing songs that do that?

The part about glorifying God, I mean.

Sometimes it's good to sing songs that bring our focus onto God's attributes and holiness.

And focus on His faithfulness.

On His mercy.

His strength.

His name.

Truly this must delight Him, as His children tell Him of their love, their admiration, and their commitment to Him.


Katie Isabella said...

WHAT truth that is!!!!!

Cathy said...

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately listening to the music of this band. On Sunday, We were watching some of these videos on youtube. What struck me about these videos is that the members of the band are quite young, as are the majority of the audience. The other thing that struck me was that here are these large number of young people singing praises to God, with joy and adoration and love. Maybe there is hope after all.....