Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Prayer requests

This week, I'd like to simply encourage everyone to leave a comment if you have something on your heart or your mind that we can pray about.

I know of one of our readers who is having some health issues that she has told me about; I hope you will join me in prayer for Caro (hopefully she won't mind my having said her name). Pray that as she has some procedures done and as she waits for results, that the peace that passes all understanding will be hers, and that she will feel His presence and comfort.

Do you have a praise to share? A prayer that has been answered? Then share that with us in a comment -- let us join you in thanking God for His mercy and blessings!

Let's pray . . .


Katie Isabella said...

I pray that for her so hard!

ckrut said...

I am praying for Caro. I too am facing a test on Monday. Then hopefully have "good" results on Friday. I had to postpone the test for one week as I'm just getting over pneumonia. Feeling much better and trying not to "sin" with anxiousness.