Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What are we listening to today?

We've talked before about how the things we "let in" our ears are so very important. Usually we think about music, and how uplifting and positive it can be, or how soothed and comforted it can make us feel.

But I guess what we're listening to doesn't have to be music....it can be God's Word.

I love the idea of audiobooks, don't you?
It used to be that you got little cassette tapes (yeah, I know, I'm showing my age again. You younger peeps just don't know what you missed. Voices that sounded like people had breathed helium, searching eternally for your favorite section, and then who could forget the tapes that came out of the player looking like the curly ribbon we used for gift-wrapping? Oy. Times have indeed changed.) and you could listen to a professional reader, reading aloud from the book you wanted to read, but didn't have the time to do so. That way, the time in your car, or ironing, or whatever, could still be informative, or comedic, or inspiring, depending on your choice of genre.

Now we utilize compact discs, Blue Ray, thumb drives, or our handy-dandy smart phones. But the result is the same . . . we have ways to "let in" God's Word into our ears, just like we can let in our favorite hymns and Christian music.

Tell me. Do you like to listen to God's Word being read? Do you enjoy listening to teaching or preaching from recordings?

What are we listening to, today?


Katie Isabella said...

I would. I didn't realize that was available. I have the Bible on my iPhone and I use it for reference. I prefer reading the paper Bible though. I would love to listen while in the car.

Cathy said...

I tend to read my Bible, rather than listening. My brain wanders too far when I’m listening to books. Here’s a good song.


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