Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prayer requests

One of the wonderful (and I think one of the most important) things about being engaged in the lives of children is our opportunity to guide them to the Lord. Whether they are our own kids, our grandkids, or the neighbor's children, or children visiting at church, we have a responsibility to influence them for good.

They need love, unconditionally. They need humor, applied judiciously. They need guidance on the path that leads them to the Father.

One of the easiest and most natural ways to do all of this is to pray around them! Saying grace before we eat, saying a prayer at bedtime, even praying on the spur of the moment when the moment is right....all of these can be used by the Spirit.

If my ancient brain can remember to do so, I'd like to explore some of these in the coming weeks, whenever our prayer request day rolls around. (Grin)

It's never too early to pray over our kids or grandkids, or any children that we have relationships with. A prayer at bed-time can be the start of a sweet time in the evening, and start a habit that can last for years. A simple prayer asking God to bless mommy and daddy and child (and teddy bear and more) is a wonderful start to good prayer-time and interesting discussions. Some people think that children are un-affected and uninterested in these things, but I believe the opposite to be true! Even a sleepy-time song can impart thoughts of God's keeping and comfort.

Let's make sure that our families see (and hear) us praying. It's one of the most important things we can do!

Today is our prayer request day -- I hope if there is a burden on your heart that you will allow us to pray along with you. Likewise, if you have a praise for answered prayer that you can share with us, please feel free!

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Austin Towers said...

I don't have any children of my own, but have been involved with niece and nephews. It was a joy to be able to pray with them and sing choruses when they were small. Sadly today two of the three do not profess Christianity anymore, but we continue to lift them to the Lord in prayer that He will lead them back to the fold.