Monday, February 10, 2014

Be still . . .

Recently our area was the recipient of a fairly large storm which dumped a large load of ice and snow and then moved on its way. In its wake, the world was changed. Have you ever walked in the snow at night? It's an experience that you won't soon forget.
The pastures and trees (or houses and yards, depending on where you live) are draped with that amazing blanket of white which seems to absorb most sounds. The pristine white stretches before you, begging you to be the first to explore and leave your footprints on its face.
Standing in the middle of a pasture, you can look back at a cozy house, lights glowing in the windows and smoke curling gently from the chimney.
And it is so very quiet.
You don't hear any cars.
You can't hear any dogs barking.
The barn owl is silent, probably sleeping inside the barn, grateful for the shelter.
The trees and the taller grasses stand with you, making no sound.
And this verse enters your mind:
"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10a
Did you know that the two words "silent" and "listen" are created with the same letters? This week I'd like to take a break from our studies in John and have a "praise week" when we refresh our memories of this verse. Let's shut out the frenzy of the world, the stress of life, all the things that clamor and shout for our attention . . .
Let's slow down and quiet down.
Let's calmly, deliberately, quietly seek that still, hushed peace that we have experienced before, but have perhaps told ourselves that we don't have time for.
I think the rewards will be greater than we realize.

Today, find some time to sit and be still. To let our minds be still. When we begin to think of things we need to do, chores to complete, goals to accomplish, re-focus on being still. Perhaps you can contemplate the blessings of the past days or week, to begin, but then try to clear your mind even of those things. Try to make your mind be as tranquil as that snowy pasture. Then have a time of prayer, and speak with our Lord. Praise Him for His goodness, and ask Him to let you know Him.

We'll continue these thoughts tomorrow.