Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prayer requests

We have so many times that we can pray . . . we can ask God to bless the food lovingly prepared, to nourish our bodies for the tasks ahead of us.

We can pray as we drive down a highway, and ask Him to keep us safe!

We can praise Him for all of the blessings that He has showered upon us.

And we can ask Him for wisdom, and for strength to keep on the job He has given us.

It's also our privilege to pray for others -- do you have a request to share today, so that we can join you in prayer?

Leave a comment below, and others will pray with you.


Belinda said...

I don't have a very serious request today, but I have been battling a cough and fatigue from bronchitis for two weeks. I'd love to get my strength back and stop coughing so I can go about my business normally. :)

We had terrible storms last week and I'm very thankful that we had no damage other than losing a bit of food from the power being out so long.

Cathy said...

Our son, Noel' summer job has come to an end. He is picking up the odd job here and there, but really needs something steady to carry him through till next May when the theater opens again. Please pray for some sort of employment or income for him, and also for this mother to have the grace and faith to trust God to provide for him and to not worry.