Thursday, October 23, 2014

URGENT prayer requests

I'm postponing our study for today because we need to join two of our Christian sisters in prayer. I will post excerpts for you here.

Belinda is a treasured follower who blogs at The Seam Rippers. Here is her email to me:
I wanted you to know why I haven't been active on the Bible study. My son-in-law is in ICU with what they believe is Sepsis and he is critical. I can't really even think straight right now. I know you don't worry about holding us accountable, but I didn't want you to wonder what was going on. We are having to keep our 4yo grandson around the clock so my daughter can stay with her husband.  He is on a respirator and they are keeping him sedated. It's a scary time for us and I'd appreciate it so much if you would pray for strength and healing.
 Please join me in lifting up these folks in prayer, and asking God to guide the doctors, as well.

The second urgent request is for Tonya, who began this study blog years ago. Her blog that outlines the situation with her husband's illness is here.  Here is her latest:
I shut the shop down the other day because I cannot seem to get the shipping accurate.
But tonight I decided that I am leaving it closed for a bit. With my husband declining as he is, I am just getting further and further behind and taking longer and longer to get the orders out. He just spent a crazy couple of weeks in the hospital, I will blog about it on the other blog this weekend when I have more time. Oh and the store! yes I opened it, but not like I would have liked. Lots of closed days because of the dear hubster.
More later, this was just a fast hey to let you know I am not gone forever...I just am gone for a short hiatis to tend to him.
 Please pray for these ladies, their loved ones, families, and doctors. Ask our Father to bless them with recovery, and for the opportunity to witness to those around them to the reality of God's love and peace.

God bless you both, Belinda and Tonya.


Austin Towers said...

So many people needing prayer at the moment. Am sending up prayers also for these two ladies and their families, Caro xx

Cathy said...


Belinda said...

Thank you all so much for your concern and prayers. They have been working! Son-in-law is still seriously ill and remains on a respirator, but his vitals are good, and the fluid in his lungs has dramatically decreased! If he continues to improve as he has, they will remove the respirator on Monday. Still keeping him sedated due to him thrashing and trying to pull everything out when he starts coming to.

Daughter is exhausted, but her father-in-law stayed the night at the hospital so she could come home and sleep in her own bed with her son. They both needed that.

We are now much more hopeful and feel that eventually, things will get back to what we know as our normal. Thank you all again, so very much!!

Belinda said...

I wanted to update y'all. We had a setback with my son-in-law. He has a blood clot in his lung and severe sinusitis. The doc believes that is where the sepsis originated.
The good news there is that we now know how to treat. He is still on the vent and being kept sedated. Still totally unaware of anything.

My daughter wound up with food poisoning and I had to make a mad dash to the hospital to get her early yesterday morning. She stayed with us until she felt well enough to go home. She must go back to work today and can work from home at least this one day. She will go back to the hospital tonight and probably go to work from there in the morning. (At least a 45 minute drive)

We continue to keep our grandson 24/7 and it's getting harder for us old folks, but we do what we must.

We so much appreciate your prayers on our behalf and ask that you continue a bit longer for us. I don't know how we would get through this without them!