Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What are we listening to

Music sung by Christians lifts up the soul.

It develops that yearning for God in us.

Because this type of music talks about human experiences, it also shows our relationship with God.

We use music to ask for God’s help, to praise Him, to thank Him and to serve Him through Christ.

Christian music lyrics connect us to Biblical truths.

Have you ever noticed how easily singing comes to children? Their joy bubbles up and they just "let loose!"

Are we as free with our singing as children are? We have so, so much to sing about! Praises, thankfulness, joy in our salvation!

What are you listening to (singing about) today?


Austin Towers said...

I might listen to a bit of Oslo Gospel Choir :))))

Cathy said...

I was listening to my music while quilting this afternoon, and this one by Michael Card caught my attention.