Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Prayer requests

This is the day that we pause to remember our prayer requests, and to learn of answered prayers of our prayer warriors.

I hope that if you have something on your heart that we can pray about, you will let us know in the comments. Of course, it never hurts to scroll down and look at previous posts and pray again for situations that need God's hand of intervention.

If you have an answered prayer, and would like to praise God for it, please let us know that, too. It's so encouraging to hear of His help in times of trouble -- it helps us keep on keeping on!

And don't forget that prayer time can be a time when we can recharge our batteries, so to speak. Take time to stop and listen, after laying all your cares at His feet. Thank Him for His many blessings, and then take a moment to listen for His voice. Or turn to some of the "praise" psalms and read those, and wait upon Him. You'll find that you get up from your prayers with renewed energy and a much better outlook!

UPDATE: I'd like to request prayer for one of our sweet followers, Belinda. They've been dealing with the shock and grief of an unexpected death in their family. Please lift them up in prayer, and ask the Lord to comfort them in this difficult time.

Blessings to all of you . . . what can we help you pray about?

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Austin Towers said...

I will pray for Belinda and her family at this sad time!