Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What are we listening to?

So often we've talked on a "What are we listening to" day and discussed the positive effects of music. And there are many!

Did you know that there are negative effects to music as well? If we immerse our minds in sad, dark compositions, or if we constantly listen to discordant, minor pieces, we can't help but be affected in negative ways. (And there's research to back me up!)

Certainly the lovely, melancholy strains of Chopin are wonderful to listen to. A lively modern jazz band can perk us up. Songs that narrate difficult and depressing times in people's lives are eye-opening, to be sure. But a diet of only sentimental and sad songs can drag us down. The minor chords and choppy melodies of jazz aren't a good diet for us, psychologically. And immersing our minds in the words of someone who is detailing a very dark time in their life can be quite depressing to the most cheerful listener!  (The Negative Effects of Music, Robert Assagioli)

How much better it is to sing, hum, and think about the words of some of our favorite positive and uplifting songs!

The picture above made me think of the song, "His Hand in Mine." What are we listening to today?

You may ask me how I know my Lord is real
You may doubt the things I say and doubt the way I feel
But I know He's real today He'll always be
I can feel His hand in mine and that's enough for me
I will never walk alone He holds my hand
He will guide each step I take
And if I fall, I know He'll understand

Till the day He tells me why He loves me so
I can feel His hand in mine that's all I need to know
I will never walk alone He holds my hand
He will guide each step I take
And if I fall, I know He'll understand


Cathy said...

As you know, I’ve been praying salvation for my son. This song helps with those prayers. Wherever it says “friend” I insert “son" instead.


Austin Towers said...

You are right absolutely! I am actually never quite sure whether I listen to music to reflect my mood or to change it! Those words are very comforting. I went to YouTube and found a version of it sung by Gaither Homecoming which I realise I had on CD :)