Wednesday, September 16, 2020

"Everything just evolved!" (Yeah, right!)

The sheer joy of it:

Lord, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth,
Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens! (Psalm 8:1)

What can you say about verse one? I mean, it is like when you take a person to see the Grand Canyon, or perhaps Niagara Falls, or the California redwoods . . .  the best thing you can do to enhance their consideration of such wonders is to just get out of the way and be quiet! 

Words can't do this psalm justice!
We can (and should) worship the Lord because His name is majestic. He is majestic. What He has created is awe-inspiring.
The first word up there that is translated "Lord" is the Hebrew word, Yahweh. It was so very sacred and special to the Hebrew people that by the third century before Christ, it was considered unacceptable to utter His name. They would say "Adonai" or "Elohim" instead, since The Name was considered too holy for men and women to speak. It's actually made of four consonants....brush away your cobwebs, now, that means letters like b, c, d, t, etc. Kinda hard to say that, no? So they placed vowels in between; those are a, e, i, o, etc. Keep up now! (Grin)
Anyway, it's God's covenant name, and stems from the verb "to be" in Hebrew. The first time we have record of Yahweh being used is when God revealed it to Moses at the burning bush. 
And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ (Exodus 3:14)
It's a beautiful name, pointing to God's eternal existence. He doesn't depend on anyone else because He is the only un-created being in the entire universe!
The second "Lord" in the verse above is the Hebrew word, "Adonai" and that means sovereign, lord, master, or ruler, depending on the context. It seems here to refer to the authority and the exalted position, the majesty of God. We could say that David is saying, "Oh eternal and covenant God, our personal ruler and sovereign!"  God is both eternal and separate from His creation, but amazingly, He has condescended to offer a covenant relationship to those who will accept His authority in their lives.

Majestic . . . the Lord displays His own majesty in the earth and the heavens. The word brings to mind snow capped peaks and yawning chasms, fields of green and growing things, those redwood trees, and thundering waterfalls, too. Perhaps Paul was thinking of this psalm when he wrote to the Romans:
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20, NASB)
And there's not just a lot of proof in our natural world; there's a lot of proof in our own bodies! There is enough evidence of a Creator to convince anyone willing to think about it that we are NOT the end result of a random process of evolution!
Our brains have ten billion (with a "B") nerve cells coordinating our functions, both voluntary and involuntary. Our eyes have over 100 million receptor cells in each retina - and that is only one layer of the five that enervate our retinas! This system of brain and eyes makes billions of calculations per second and transmits them from the optic nerve to the brain. 
Our temperature regulation? We are hardly like the reptiles, who need to regulate their body temps by sunning on rocks or staying in the shade -- our skin has more than two million little sweat glands, and that makes about three thousand of those per square inch!
Our hearts? Ah, that's the involuntary work I mentioned . . . our hearts beat an average of seventy times per minute. Some humans are in good shape and their heart beats fewer times each minute. My resting heart rate is fifty-three. (Polishes nails on shirt) Other folks may have a consistent rate of eighty or eighty-five. But do we need to tell our hearts to beat? Nope. God designed us so that our hearts are what is called involuntary muscles . . . He designed our bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to support us. We could go on and on, talking about our lungs, our senses, our immune system, and more. 
And yet, some people persist in saying that we evolved in a random process over many millennia. 
Yeah, right!
If we look beyond our puny selves, we see the complex balances at work in our world, with the water cycle, the photosynthesis cycle of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and more. We look beyond our own skies to see the vastness of outer space. 

But supposedly intelligent people see all of these and then attribute it all to "nature" or "random chance." Seriously?

Truly the Lord has displayed His majesty in all the earth and in the heavens!

Worship His majesty and His name!


  1. jI have been thinking of this very thing!

  2. It's quite sad that supposedly rational and intelligent people think we are here only by chance. I am sure it's because they don't want to think about the ramifications.


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