Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Deception pt 3

If you are just joining this week, we have been discussing one of Satan's biggest power tools: Deception. Yesterday we discussed how he can get us in our pocketbook. Being unwise with our buying can lead to covetousness, greed and so many other things.

Although there are many ways that Satan uses deception, there is only one other that we have time to touch on this week before I continue in our Proverbs study tomorrow. The one that I wish to speak about today is so important to me. I have friends that listen to false teachers, but I just cannot seem to impress enough to get out their Bible and compare the teachings.

 I know that none of us wants to get into a Theological denomination we won't go there. But there are some things that we can do when we do attend worship--no matter where we go. When you leave the service on Sunday morning, don't just 'hang up your Bible' until next Sunday. Think about what the pastor or Sunday School teacher said. Ask yourself these questions:

*Did the pastor use the Bible in his message?
*Did what he say agree with the passage?
*Is there anything that I did not understand or agree with that I can look up or ask someone about?

Finally, I want to throw out a HUGE caution about false teachers, preachers, writers, speakers. There are some very popular big name preachers and teachers that sound good. They say all the right things....almost. I am not going to get into the naming names game here, although I'd like to. I do know that I am very sad when I see good friends "like" these people on facebook, or are eagerly reading their books. And I do know that these people are power tools for Satan.

So, how do you know? Read the Word first and foremost. But for some that doesn't work. So-- seek advice! Become good friends with and Mr. Hank Hanegraff. or Forgotten Word Ministries. Both of these sites have search engines. If you are unsure of an evangelist that you enjoy, go do some research on them at these places. I especially like THIS PAGE at Forgotten Word.

In close, our Study would not be a study without opening the Bible, would it? While tomorrow we will continue in Proverbs, I would like to share these verses for you to look up today:

Romans 16:17
1 John 4:1
2 Peter 2: 1-3
1 Timothy 4:1-5


Belinda said...

Very thought provoking Tonya. With so many out there speaking false words, you really have to be on your guard and know the Bible for yourself. It poses the question, who can you trust? Where do you seek advice if you are unsure.

As for me, I have been guilty of taking what someone preaches at face value...for a while. But after further thought and prayer, realize it doesn't "fit" with what I believe in my heart.

Some of the names at Forgotten Word didn't surprise me. Others did. It's so important to worship the LORD and not the messenger, as I've seen some do.

Snoodles said...

I agree, Belinda and Tonya. It's vital that we keep our focus on Christ, and not on the messenger. It bothers me when people sit back and accept things that they would not accept if they studied the Word. I know someone who bases her whole perception of a minister on whether or not he smiles a lot while he speaks. If he does, she thinks all is well and drinks it in. I think that our Lord expects us to be wary, and to study. There are so many examples in the Gospels of false's a very old problem!

Cathy said...

Thank you for those links. There is some very good, and edifying reading there. I enjoyed reading the answers in that long list of questions on the one website. And thank you, as well, for much food for thought and prayer and self examination.

Carrie P. said...

Really good post today and good verses shared along with it. We need to Pray for discernment.

Carrie P. said...

I just came from those links you shared, very interesting. I don't watch TV evangelists so I was very surprised when I saw some of those people that I recognize. It is really good to know what these preachers believe and if it is biblically sound. Thanks for sharing those sites.