Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proverbs 20 : 7 Integrity - A Blessing for Children

Pro 20:7  The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

I hope that you'll bear with me a little today.  I want to indulge in a little shameless-hubby-admiration here.  The first thing I thought of, when I read this verse, was my husband.

Years ago, when the children were all very young, he was offered a promotion in the large corporation that employed him. Discussions with his boss revealed that there would be a lot of changes in store: a move to a much larger city would be required, which would distance the kids from their grandparents, and place them into much different situations as far as playmates and cultural differences. (We lived in the country, on a large piece of land, where the kids could play safely in the pastures, woods, and even the creek. There were homeschooled kids up at our place often, and many softball games and scavenger hunts were played in the pasture.)
There were other changes in store: he found that he'd be expected to entertain many of the customers, at establishments that he usually didn't go to. And he'd be expected to look the other way if the customer wanted to spend some time with someone other than his own spouse. For all of these changes, he would receive a new title, and a significant (huge) increase in pay.
My husband didn't accept that promotion. He chose "the road less traveled" and modeled integrity for his young children to see, and for them to learn from as they grew up. They continued to enjoy and learn from their grandparents' wisdom, and to experience the country life that they now fondly look back on. They may not have had as many toys as they would have, or as fancy a wardrobe, but they smile when they talk of their hikes and games and good memories.  And me? His wife? I've always been proud of that decision, and the integrity that he showed.


Belinda said...

That is such a wonderful story Jacque! Husbands like that are few and far between. You and your children were blessed to have him.

I have to say that I feel in my heart that my husband would have made the same choice. He has worked for almost 30 years at a job he dislikes, simply to support his family and give us what we need. He's never been ambitious, only doing what he must to provide. He has turned down promotions due to a fear of being laid off at some point, and by staying in the same position all these years, he was never laid off when many in his company were. My children didn't have much in the way of monetary things either, but their father was and still is a man of integrity. We have been blessed too!

Wonderful post!

Carrie P. said...

God has blessed you with a good man.
I don't think my husband would have taken that job either even though when we were young marrieds he did not have his priories straight. He worked way to much our first 10 years of marriage but God showed him that family was more important than working unnecessary hours at work. It took him a while but he got it. I am blessed too with a great husband and father.

Gene Black said...

This post makes me happy. I recall a story in a Madeleine L'Engle book regarding her husband. He was asked to be in a play. He read it, then asked Madeleine to read it. She did and asked "Are you going to do it?" He replied that he had turned it down because "I wouldn't want the children to see me in it."
This echoes your story in many respects. Give you husband an extra hug today.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am glad that he chose this. My father did the opposite. He wined and dined perspective clients. It was always so embarrassing to me because we lived such a double standard lifestyle. Of course, it had a positive impact on me--I stand firm as well, even in work situations.

Good for your husband. Nice clothes and 'things' just do not matter.