Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What are we listening to, today?

Uplifting and encouraging . . . a local radio station near me has that as its jingle.

What do you do each day to lift your own spirits?

What encourages you?

There are some days that are difficult, no matter how many cups of Java we consume. No matter how many pats on the head we receive on Facebook. No matter how many cheerful emails we see sliding into our inbox.

Are you having one of those days?

Get some time alone. No, let's change that. Get some time with God.

Even if you go and lock yourself in the bathroom or bedroom. Even if you go out and drive for a while, for no particular reason.

Spend some time talking to God. Think of the verses that you know, that promise His love, His strength, His power, and His mercy to us.

Then turn on a Christian radio station and let the words and music lift you up. Don't let darkness consume you. Don't let fear overtake you. Never. Give. Up.

Our God is still in the miracle business. He will hear you. He loves you. You can count on Him to help you . . . He's been where you are now.

Here's what I listened to, today. I hope it will be an encouragement to all.

1 comment:

Austin Towers said...

You are absolutely right, Jacque! I so love that hymn, not just because of the beautiful words and tune, but because it reminds me of a particularly poignant period of my life! xx