Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yes, a woman can do that! Conclusion

Last time we studied, we noted that some men have squelched the gifts and talents of women in the local assembly or congregation instead of encouraging them to be used of God.

This is clearly going further than the verses we have read. We've seen how wrong men are when they add to the Word of God -- what if the local prophets union had told Huldah it wasn't seemly for her to prophecy? What if the Men's Tuesday Dance Group had fussed at Miriam after she led the women in dancing and praise?

Okay, I'm being facetious here, but I think you get my drift. Huldah, Miriam, Deborah, and others had very significant roles in the story of the Bible. They had valuable ministry contributions to make, just as many women do today. They were confident enough, and mature enough, to utilize their talents for God in a way that didn't cause strife, didn't usurp authority. They didn't chafe or resent the authority, the way that things were. They were glad to be serving God and bringing glory to Him, and perhaps that is the key!

I think we have discovered this week as we've studied, that we are on very safe ground when we say that there are some roles that are specifically to be filled by men in the church. But I think we've also seen that there are many other roles that women should be filling in the church of today. I think that the churches have a responsibility to encourage women to use their spiritual gifts in a Biblical manner! Many times we tell the stories of women on mission fields and in other situations, but we don't nudge ladies to utilize their own gifts in the church or ministries that are local to them. There are ministries that are near and dear to the hearts of many women, and some of them just need a gentle push to get involved -- they need to hear that "a woman CAN do that!"

The women that have brought glory to God in the past have been holy, wise, spirit-filled, and prayerful; not to mention that many of them have been courageous in their ministry that God has blessed. Are we holy? Are we wise and spiritually mature? Are we both prayerful and courageous? Then the final ingredient - are we willing to work for the Lord in whatever role He chooses?  Great things have been done for Him by women who have made themselves available to Him! They have known what they CAN do! They've not been content to say, "There's nothing for me to do!"

If you feel you are being led to a ministry or effort that helps others and glorifies God, then prayerfully consider it. Compare it to the verses that we've discussed. Then, when you are sure of God's leading, don't let anyone stop you! Say, "yes, a woman can do that! In fact, I can do that!" And go right ahead and do it -- for His glory. That's the key. That's the one thing that will make sure you are doing the right thing. And that you're doing it for the right reason.

For Him.


Katie Isabella said...

I think you have inspired me to try to make a difference to people in nursing homes. I have to think what exactly and call the facilities to see what is allowed and perhaps make a plan.

Thank you for your work here. (hugs)

Austin Towers said...

Amen to all you have said, Jacque! I echo Katie Isabella in thanking you for your diligence and care in doing these studies! I am limited in what I can do physically, but realise that the Lord has not finished with me and there are things He wants me to do still! xx