Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year's Prayer

As we celebrate and move forward into a new year, I have some special wishes for all of you, who follow here at the study blog, and who keep me encouraged and strengthened with your kind words and comments . . .

I pray that as you walk into the coming year, and as you strive with things both terrible and trivial, that you will know the Light of truth and hope. And I pray that as others look at you, they will see that truth and hope and want to know more.

I pray that your lives will be demonstrations of the true Love that comes from heaven. A living example of God's love, and that you would give it freely, as He does.

I pray that even though you realize "this world is not my home," that you will find comfort in a faithful Savior Who has gone to prepare a place for us.

I pray that you will be certain to find times to "be still" and hear that Voice; He whispers to us of His mercy and grace.

I pray that when you experience a season of sadness, or of depression, that soon you will feel His hands beneath you, lifting you to freedom, joy, and confidence in His love.

When you have given all that you can give, and have tried to "be there" for everyone else, I pray that you will whisper, "Jesus," and that you will know the glory of His presence and the re-energizing of your exhausted heart and body -- that you will be certain of this fact: you are not alone. He is with you, as He promised.

Reach out.
Take His hand.
Hold on tight.
We'll walk through 2016 with Him!


Austin Towers said...

So absolutely spot on and wonderful words and thoughts, Jacque! I pray the same for you and your family this year! xxx

Katie Isabella said...

It is early and I have only just got up out of bed to sit here I usually am too fresh out of bed to respond to anyone but with you...I am Thank you for this loving prayer. You are there for us and we will be there for you. I have done as you wished and prayed here in your blog that we would do, and I have raised my arms in expectation.


Cathy said...

What a beautiful prayer. I’m sure we all who read here pray the exact same thing for you. I’m looking forward to this year. My days begin with this study, and other devotionals that help me to try to centre my days on Christ. I’m so thankful for the time and thought and prayer you put into what you present here. May God continue to give your the strength and wisdom to continue.