Friday, July 31, 2020

Your turn to speak!

True happiness.

Fairy tale?

Pie in the sky?

The Word of God tells us that none of us are accidents. We are here as creations of God; we are made in His image; we are designed to find true happiness in Him and His Word. If we are believers, we have stopped running away from Him, and we've trusted in Him and the pardon from sin that He offers.

Now, if we will build our lives on God and on His Word, we will live in contentment here in this world, and in joy in the next! Throughout eternity! 
And that is no fairy tale.

I said in the beginning of these posts that I'm a pretty happy girl. I should revise that. I'm actually pretty contented most of the time. I believe there is a difference! Of course, I have troubles in my life. I have sadness and sorrow like so many other Christian sisters who may pause here to study. The heartaches have been many in my life, and I know they are not over yet. I'm not immune to tears, and I've known depression, as well.
But God is good. I want to praise Him and give Him the glory for the times that I'm able to raise a tear-stained face to Him and say, "Lord you are good. You have blessed me so much. Even if you don't remove this pain, please help me to see what you are going to accomplish in it." That is NOT me talking. That's the Holy Spirit helping me to speak. He hears me in my agony. He hears you, too. And He will help all of those who pray and rely on Him.
I hope that this last post is not a "downer," and that each of us has received some blessing or encouragement from our studies on Psalm 1. We can be truly happy! For eternity!

I'd like to ask for y'all to enter the discussions this week -- I'm always so glad to see some answers posted here, and I learn a lot from y'all! 
Here is the question for today:
How would you answer an unbeliever who said to you, "Christianity is just pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die."
I'm looking forward to your answers in the comment section below!

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  1. I've come up against that and I am still thinking how to respond. I know better but how to impart that to someone else is escaping me. I have my own examples and that is all I can point to. That isn't enough for some.


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