Monday, November 14, 2011

Proverbs 14: 26-27

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26: In the fear of the Lord there is a strong confidence, and His children will have refuge.
27: The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may avoid the snares of death.

In the course of our Proverbs study, we have spent much time talking about the fear of the Lord, so today I'd like to talk about confidence--especially as it relates to our world today.

I know that ever since Jesus was here the first time, every single generation thought that theirs was the one when Christ would come. In fact, when I was a teen, listening to the preachers and teachers of that day, I just knew there would be no way that we (meaning Christians) would still be here today.

Now, as an adult, I find myself still feeling that the time is at hand! I have never seen so many natural disasters all at once like has happened in the last two years. (But then I never really watched like I have in the last couple of years.)

When you hear these things on the news, does it scare you? Do you get all nervous wondering where the next disaster will strike?

If your faith is in Christ, then be confident that God is in control! (vs 26). What is it you fear? The unknown? or Death? There is no reason at all to fear death if you have a personal relationship with Jesus. (vs 27).

Flip in your Bible and read Revelation 22:12-14. Christ's coming is what? That's right--a reward! Have you ever feared getting a reward? Of course not!

Enjoy your salvation, don't fear the future. Leave the future where it belongs--in God's hands. Instead spend your time preparing for His coming!

I just love Roman's 14:11. I can't wait to witness that day, how about you?



Snoodles said...

Awesome post, Tonya --- thanks for reminding us of the verse in Revelation. We can all anticipate our reward with eagerness, not dread!

Belinda said...

When I hear of the natural and man made disasters of the last few years, I do wonder how much longer until Christ's return. I wonder are there really more of them, or are we just more aware?

The human part of me tends to fret about them some, but I know God is in control, and Christ will return at the perfect time. Until then, we are to live as He would have us. Live as if we expect Him in the next minute.

My Dad used to say, " If you're unsure about the right or wrong of something, decide whether or not that's what you want to be doing when Christ returns."

If we are living as we should, we should have no fear, but have confidence in God.