Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proverbs 14:30

A tranquil heart is life to the body, but passion is rottenness to the bones.

A tranquil heart.
Doesn't that sound nice?

When you hear "Peaceful", "Tranquil", what are some things that come to mind?

Perhaps a quiet lake?

Or a dove?

Or softly falling snow at midnight?

Women are worry warts by nature. We like to worry about everything under the sun.
We also like to get in everyone's business and control everyone and everything around us. fill in the blank.

We've talked about being contagious in our walk with Christ;
I think being a peaceful person is an excellent way  to do this. 
Everyone wants to find peace.

Today in your journal, make a list of things in your life that cause you not to have a tranquil heart, then you can pray about them and work to change them.


Belinda said...

I have a family member who has never had a tranquil or peaceful heart since I've known him. He continually tries to control everything his wife does, his son does, and always has a smart retort if he doesn't like what someone says. I believe he has a good heart, but he just worries and frets over everything. He has great fear.
I pray for him daily, to gain a peaceful spirit.

Snoodles said...

It is difficult sometimes to have a tranquil heart when you are dealing with a person who does NOT have a peaceful, tranquil heart! Can I get an Amen?
I sin so often when I react to this...I really need to pray first, and talk second! Lovely post, Tonya!

Belinda said...

It's never easy to stay calm and kind when these folks are being so spiteful. But it's nothing compared to what our Christ endured and he never lashed out.