Thursday, May 16, 2013

Proverbs 30:24-28, Little things, Part III

24 “Four things on earth are small,
    yet they are extremely wise:
25 Ants are creatures of little strength,
    yet they store up their food in the summer;
26 hyraxes are creatures of little power,
    yet they make their home in the crags;
27 locusts have no king,
    yet they advance together in ranks;
28 a lizard can be caught with the hand,
    yet it is found in kings’ palaces.

I thought we should close this study of verse 25 with some facts about ants that might inspire us.

In the ant hill, and outside of the colony, too, ants work with what they've been given. They don't stand around the entrance to the mound, carping and complaining about how bad they have it. Remember Joseph, after he'd been sold into captivity by his brothers? He could have sat and moped about how badly they'd treated him. Instead, he worked with what he'd been given: he was second in command to Potiphar, to the prison supervisor, and then to Pharaoh, but each time he worked hard, was an exemplary employee, and God blessed his faithfulness. 
Ecclesiastes 9:10 tells us "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."  Accept what you've been given and roll with it! What we are doing today is our training ground for what He has in mind for us tomorrow!

Here's another thought -- ants don't wear out easily. They keep on going just like the Energizer Bunny. We must not lose heart if the going gets hard. We must keep on, for His glory. (I'm preaching to myself here.) - Paul says in Galatians 6:9, "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." If we stir up those gifts that God gave us, we can model the same endurance that the ants do . . . Paul also wrote: “Fan into flame the gift of God that is in you.”  We have each been given gifts that we can use in working for the kingdom; we must keep on keeping on.

It's an interesting thought, that we are reaping today what we sowed yesterday. That sure makes me want to be careful what I'm sowing, how about you? Let's work with what we've been given, and don't lose heart - keep on going!


CATachresis said...

This was a wonderful three days of studies! I shall look upon the ant with more respect in future - if maybe not affection! We are told in Prov 6:6 to consider the ways of the ant and be wise. It seem having all those trillions of brain cells doesn't necessarily make us more smart!

Belinda said...

This must be one of the reasons God created ants. To teach us a lesson! I've always heard about how smart ants are and I can verify that with their wiley intrusion to my home. ;) Always looking for a good place to live, and forage for food. Smart little boogers. I sure need to pay attention to that mindset.

Great lessons Jacque!