Monday, May 27, 2013

Proverbs 30:24-28 Little things, Part VII

24 “Four things on earth are small,
    yet they are extremely wise:
25 Ants are creatures of little strength,
    yet they store up their food in the summer;
26 hyraxes are creatures of little power,
    yet they make their home in the crags;
27 locusts have no king,
    yet they advance together in ranks;
28 a lizard can be caught with the hand,
    yet it is found in kings’ palaces.

Lizards.  Ever been to a pet store and seen all of the lizards and their kin? I don't find them particularly appealing, but we can certainly learn something from them . . .

When to let go!

OK, let me back up a minute . . . lizards are not too hard to catch, are they? Even as kids, we may have stalked and then captured a little lizard, cupping our hands around it and feeling the tiny feet in our palms. (If some of you are freaking out about that, please hang in there!)

Our cat loves to chase the lizards who venture onto our screened porch. They are one of the few things that really challenge him, for he moves quite quickly, even at fourteen years of age. I've noticed that sometimes he will almost catch one, and the lizard will simply let his tail (or a portion of it) detach from his body. Our Creator made them in a special way . . . they can grow another tail!

You see, they know when to let go!

A lizard is willing to "cut its losses" or let a part of his tail go, in order to achieve a larger goal -- staying alive!  We can apply this to our lives by seeing if there is something that we need to let go of, in order to move on to the next stage of our lives . . . for what our Father has planned for us.
Are we hanging on to an unhealthy relationship, that we need to let go of? Are we struggling to hold on to a bad attitude, when we know that God wants us to change?
We need to let God help us in letting the "bad stuff" go!
Why? Because God has plans for each one of us. His plans don't depend on our wisdom or abilities; He says He will supply those when they are needed.  His plans also don't depend on our gifts or talents; remember Moses? He argued with God and said, " I can't speak well." . . . and then God reminded him of Who made Moses' mouth!

We believe in God -- we must also believe in ourselves. God believes in and loves each one of us. He has chosen us, and given us gifts in times they were needed. He expects us to use those gifts for His glory.  We are to be his ambassadors . . .
“a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, so
 that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” 1 Peter 2:9  
Let's determine today to "let go" of those things that are obstacles to being useful for Him!


Belinda said...

What a powerful lesson this is!! I always feel that I don't quite measure up. Thank you for reminding me that God created me as I am, and I'm good enough for HIM!!

CATachresis said...

Lizards are not plentiful around North Wales, but that is an amazing lesson to learn. Puts me in mid of the Jim Elliot quote 'He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.'