Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Angels and the Shepherds

At Christmastime, we see man's version of angels everywhere. From cute little stitching designs, but beautiful tree toppers. Let's take a look at all of the Nativity Bible passages about angels. 
Take a moment and read Matthew 1:20; Luke 1: 26-30; 
and finally our focus passage for today Luke 2: 8-20.

Did you notice something? Every time an angel appeared...they were feared and had to re-assure that they were angels. In my mind's eye I picture angels as being mighty warriors with wings.

Now a bit about those shepherds. In those days, shepherd's were considered to be low-class people. Nothing great; nothing noticeable. Yet who did the angels go to first? Who were given the job to go and proclaim the news that Christ had been born? Jesus came to save the entire world...but the shepherds got to see Him first. And couldn't you just see those shepherds? It was dark..then all of a sudden the night sky is lit up by a bright light. Then a whole host of angels filled the sky. Wow, wouldn't that have been something to see?? Now that's a light show! I can't even find a photo to do it justice. 
So I'll give you some fun instead. 


Snoodles said...

How I would love to be able to travel back in time, and see that glorious night first-hand! We overuse the word "awesome" -- I think we would all be full of awe and wonder to have seen that sight. I love that the shepherds SAW, and then WENT. And then they TOLD! My prayer is that I will do that, too.

Belinda said...

I agree. The WHOLE SKY was filled with angels singing. And since everyone who has ever seen one is afraid and must be calmed, they must not appear as we think. Maybe your idea has merit Tonya. Mighty warriors with wings. They are battling for us every minute of every day, after all.

And since they appeared to shepherds first, it tells me that there are no "second class citizens" in God's eyes. I am to treat everyone with the love of God. No matter how unlovely.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Well, I assume they have wings because of the other passages where they do.

Snoodles, SAW, WENT, TOLD...that is a great lesson for all of us!