Saturday, December 10, 2011

P.P. Discussion Week 5

There are alot of questions today, but I couldn't bring myself to weed out too many. The thought behind these discussions are so good! I always like to re-read my section after looking at the discussion. I will try to post the answers as early as I can but I'm alone with Stephen all day until late tonight so it may take me time. Lots of time to ponder for you :)

1)Leaving the valley, Christian sees faithful before him upon the Way. What happens next and what lesson can be learned from it?

2) What did Wanton promise Faithful and what could she not give?

3) Old Adam has something written on his forehead. What are the implications of the warning there for us?

4) Faithful meets Moses. What does he represent, and why does he strike Faithful down? He would have continued beating Faithful if it had not been for whom?

5) Have you ever had a conversation with Discontent?

6) What are some of the objections Shame brings against religion, and what comments by Faithful will enable you to respond correctly to Shame?

7) What is the first indication that Talkative gives that he is unchanged. Is Christian being disobedient to Titus 3:2 when he speaks evil of Talkative?

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Belinda said...

There is so much to say, that I don't want to fill up the space with lots and lots of words, so I'll be as brief as possible in my answers.

1. He forgets it's not a competition between the righteous, runs passed Faithful, gets all puffed up about himself and falls on his face.

2. Carnal contentment.

3. Adam tempts the new spiritual man to yield to the old sin nature.

4. The law of Moses does not give life or strength. On its own, the law leads to death.

5. Yes. I believe we all probably have.

6. (a)Unmanly weakness, low class and disowned by the mighty and rich, restrictive, wounds the conscience, befriends sinners.
(b) What God says is best, though the world be against it.

7. (a) His willingness to talk about earthly or profane things.
(b) Yes.