Friday, December 16, 2011

P.P. Answers for week 5

Right off the top I want to thank Belinda for being patient with me on my posting of the answers to last weeks questions. There was just so much to write I am glad that she didn't mind waiting. I actually read the assignment through and think about the questions myself before I cheat and look at the study I appreciate her patience with me so I could catch up!

1) I'll quote the book here as it is very good, " He who was patting himself on the back for having overrun his brother is now helped up by the one he had so underestimated. Such are the lessons that God teaches us; that when we have an inflated ego, the very one we feel superior to is usually the one who will help us in our distress."

2) Wanton used many things that in and of themselves were alright, until they were perverted by sin. Although Faithful was able to avoid the temptation, did you notice that he said he didn't know whether he fully escaped her? Here is a quote about that from Spurgeon, " The probability is, that the temptations of the flesh, even when resisted do us an injury. If the coals do not burn us, they blacken us...."

3) While we as Christians should realize that self-indulgence is sinful, it is good to be reminded of the sin nature that we inherited from Adam the First so that we value what Christ has done for us and our hopeless nature.

4) hmmm, the book was too good here too. I've got to quote again, "...the Law of God is meant not only to encompass the outward actions but to reach so far as the thoughts and intents of the heart. So strict, so pure, so spiritual is the holy Law of God that it will knock any man flat on the ground and leave him despairing. A comprehensive view of the Law and one's own sinful heart and actions can leave the believer discouraged. Yet this can lead to a humble dependence on Christ and to empathy for other believers. What gratitude we should have for Christ's nail-pierced hands, which alone can rescue."

5) this was meant for personal reflection only...

6) Mark 8:38. Also, I love this quote by Alexander Whyte: "In the present order of our souls, we are all acutely ashamed of many things that are not the proper objects of shame at all; while, on the other hand, we feel no shame at all at multitudes of things that are really most blameworthy, dishonorable, and contemptible."

7) I think the book was trying to say that in this context it was important to point out the faults (or talk ill) of Talkative. "When no remorse, only defensiveness, is shown when error is exposed, we do well to heed the apostolic advice,'from such withdraw thyself'. We do scandalous professor's souls no good by accepting them into church membership when their lives do not back up their words. Their actions cause nonbelievers to point at them and say, "See what a bunch of hypocrites these Christians are', which brings disgrace on Christ's bride, the church."


Next reading assigment: Moody in Today's English : 87-98; Revell Spire: 78-90

I will post discussion questions next Saturday and answers the following. I know it is the holidays but I think Belinda and I both want to continue on our Path. 


Hillbilly Tonya said...

1)I've patted myself on my back before. Can't see very well to walk that way.

2)A reminder that even getting close causes pain

3)In my everyday life sometimes I forget to STOP, and just praise God for what He has done for me...I deserve nothing.

4)The more I've been through the more empathy for others I have. I have learned, over time, to thank God for the fires I've been through. I just wish that I would remember that while I am in the midst of walking in that fire.

5)How many times have I quoted a verse to myself about being content in whatsoever state I'm in??

6)Oh, a pet peeve of mine. Christians not being ashamed of things they should be. Of course when I point that finger there are three pointing back at me. Just here at Christmastime I can think of so many things I should be ashamed of about what Christmas has become.

7)Thank you Lord. That was a personal thanks for God bringing me out of a situation.

Belinda said...

No problem Tonya. I don't mind taking it slow. It gives me more time to really think about it and not rush through.