Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Magi

Today please begin by reading Matthew 2:1-23

What  is a  Magi anyway? According to the Holman Bible Dictionary these are Eastern wise men, priests and astrologers whose interpretation of the stars led them to Palestine to find and honor Jesus. These men may have been from Babylon, Persia or the Arabian Desert. Did you notice when you read the passage that Matthew gives no number, names or royal position to the wise men? Because of the three gifts, the assumption has been made that there were 3 men.

Whether it be 3 wise men, or 20 I am sure that it was well more than that many that traveled with them. This would have been at least a 2 yr journey. I assume (having never been taught it--just my own thinking) that they would have had servants with them. And extra camels to carry their supplies. It certainly would not have been hard for King Herod to take notice of them. I also find it interesting that they wanted to pay homage to a King that was not even from their land. A King that was going to be Ruler of the world someday. And they humbled themselves, accepted it and even did what they could to make this Baby King feel welcome--and safe.

I am humbled when I think about all those other babies that were slain in Bethlehem. My son, Stephen turns two tomorrow. He would have been slain if we lived then and there. I have to wonder...would I gladly give his little young life so that the Christ child might live to save the world? I know the people of Bethlehem had no choice--but what if I did?

I only know of one time in history where a Father gladly gave His Son's life to save others.

I've found another wonderful song for you to meditate on today. This song could have been the entire devotion today--it is pretty powerful; please try to watch/listen until the end and...
 Oh come to Him and Adore Him. Right now where you are.


Belinda said...

Loved that song!!!

How did the Magi know to follow the star, and how to follow it? How did they know a King would be born under it? They weren't Jewish, but obviously knew the scripture and prophecy. I believe your assessment of the time it would have taken to actually find the child is accurate.

Since they were warned to depart another way, do you think they were worshipers of the one true God? Did they have to be to have all this spiritual knowledge? There are so many unanswered questions about them. It's very interesting, and we can only speculate.

Would I sacrifice my 19 month old grandson to protect the savior of the world, God's own son? It would take Godlike strength and faith and I still don't think I could do it.

Linda said...

I have been thinking of the Three Kings lately. I have a nativity right outside my kitchen window. I think you are right! There had to of been a lot of people around these kings during their journey to see the New Born King. I have no doubt that those kings and their entourage had a feast that evening, that included song and dance. Well, at least in my head that is what happened that night! Like Belinda, I do not think I would have the strength to sacrifice my child for anyone, including the Holy. I would rather die myself than to sacrifice my child. I see it as a weakness and a strength I guess.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am so thankful to have stumbled upon that song. It was perfect. (Thank you, Jesus!)

I am also so thankful that I live now. I would love to walk those streets where Jesus walked, be where He was...but it was so hard to live back then. I am glad that I will walk the streets of gold someday!

judith said...

This is a good thought for this time.
And to think one of those gifts were for embalming.
I am glad I have found this site. I am part of a WBS at my church and feel very much what you say in 'About our Study'.
I look forward to visiting when time permits.
I really like the song you have shared as well. NICE.