Saturday, December 3, 2011

P.P. Discussion Week 4

In our last lesson we saw how Christian was edified and encouraged at the house called Beautiful. In this portion of the story Christian walks through two valleys. In the first valley he has a terrible battle with a foul friend. New trials meet Christian as he passes through the next valley. However, not even these adversities are able to stop his progress. 

1) After being favored with many spiritual blessings at the house called Beautiful, Christian departs. Where does he go next, and why do you think this place was chosen by Bunyan to be next in the pilgrim's journey?

2)Why was the battle between Christian and his foe so severe?

3)Christian now enters the Valley of the Shadow of Death. On the right hand of the Valley there is a ditch and on the left hand a quag. What does each represent?

4)What weapon was useful to Christian in the midst of the valley and why was it the best at this point?

5) "When Christian had traveled in this disconsolate condition some considerable time, he thought he heard the voice of a man, as going before him, saying, 'Though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear non Ill, for thou art with me." What were the three reasons why Christian was glad?


Reading assignments:
Moody (Belinda) pp66-86
Spire non abridged pp 58-78

Remember I will not be able to answer questions until Monday. Thank you! I am so glad to be reading this again!


Belinda said...

Just want you to know I'm working on it. Will try to post my answers soon.

I hope you had a good time Tonya! Even in the rain.

Belinda said...

Ok, so I've been looking at commentary from Bunyan Ministries. I don't know if it's the same commentary or study guide you use Tonya, but here are my answers. Some I came up with on my own, but their words are better. Others I needed help with.

1. After such overwhelming victories, we often feel the attack of satan much stronger than before. He can't stand it when we do right. And our faith is constantly tested.

2. Christian needed a little humble pie. And again, satan intensifies his attacks when we are on the mountain.

3. The ditch: Those who preach in error and teach untruth. They are blind, and they lead the blind who are seeking the truth.
The quagmire: Instability, fear, defilement, fleshly weakness, uncertainty, lack of faith.

4. The light, because it dispelled the darkness. Evil cannot exist in the light.

5. First: He knew there was another believer in the valley and he wasn't alone, thus he was encouraged.
Second: He knows the words he heard are God inspired and understands God has been with him all the while.
Third: He desires to have the kind of fellowship he enjoyed at the Palace Beautiful, and now knows it to be a near prospect.

How'd I do??

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I actually don't look at the answers until I can study it myself and in the craziness of last week I haven't gotten to do that. I will re read tonight, and look at the study guide and see what I can come up with, then look at the answers.

I use two different guides. One by Maureen Bradley and one by Gateway Films.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Ok, I've had time to look this over and ponder on it. Remember NONE of these guys are Bunyan himself, so they are bound to be a bit different.

1) I found this interesting and so true! I am going to quote my guide, "There is an ever-present danger for Christians who have been well-fed and favored with special blessings to become puffed up; therefore, for the good of the soul, the flesh must be humbled and kept low lest spiritual pride exist.". --WOW--I can think of so many mountain top experiences that were followed by valleys. What a neat insight as to why! Belinda you actually touched base on this with your answer in number two.

2)The guide really was good on this one too and it made me think and humbled me..."Christian has been given weapons to fight with, not play with. It is the mind-set of our present day that this life is to be full of ease and comfort. The abundant life of Christ spoke of is understood to mean physical comforts of every kind. The teachings of Christ and the apostles are quite different..." The guide goes on to include the same point you made, Belinda.

3) Same as you said above.

4) The weapon was called All-Prayer because many times a person is so distressed that he is not even able to read the Word (the Sword) but can only cry out to God.

5)You put it nicely.

Sorry I took so long to reply!

Belinda said...

I was torn between the light and all-prayer. Oh well. :)