Friday, December 23, 2011

Choosing Names

Think back to the time when you were expecting a young one. What was one of the most important decisions that you had to make? The name of course! This name would follow this child for the rest of their life. I remember when we chose Stephen's name. Jerry had chosen a name that he liked and really no one else did. Thank goodness he listened to his wife and changed his mind! Our son's carefully chosen name is Stephen Glen. 'Stephen' comes from the Stephen of the Bible. We pray that he will someday be great and mighty for our God.
'Glen' is a family name..important to my husband.

So, what about the name of Jesus? Or shall I say the Names of Jesus?

Today flip back in your Bible and read Isaiah 9:6-7. Then read Matthew 1:21 and Luke 1:31-33.
Let's discuss each of these names (I had some help with this from

The root word for this means 'a sense of awe'. There is no substitute for the wonderful love of Christ.

(Read Psalm 73:24) Life is full of problems, but all we have to do is turn it Christ for the answers.

Mighty God
Christian life is not easy. But we can rest in the strength of our Mighty God to carry us through all the ups and downs. He is mighty to handle everything!

Everlasting Father.
While Jesus did die on the cross, He rose again! He cannot be defeated! He is the ONLY God that LIVES forever.

Prince of Peace
We certainly don't live in peaceful times. In fact, it is kind of scary at times...thinking about the path this world is on. As Christians, we know God is in control and we can find Peace in Him knowing that no matter what--He's in control.

There are so many other names we could discuss. Lamb of God, Son of Man, Teacher, Preacher, Prophet, Messiah. But I choose to end our study today on the God-chosen name for the Christ Child:


The name 'Jesus' is the Greek version of the Hebrew word for Joshua or Jeshua, which means, "Jehovah (Yahweh) will save." The very name God gave Him means that He will save. 

I leave you with one last powerful song that I found,
watch it when you can have a silent moment to open your heart and let God speak to you.
Merry Christmas my friends.
There won't be a Bible study next week; rather I ask you to join me in spending the week looking up the verses in this video and humbling ourselves before the Gift of the season.

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Carrie P. said...

I rejoice that Jesus is all those things (names) to me. Praise God.
Thanks for sharing the video.
Merry Christmas!