Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Corinthians 13: 1-13

When I sat down to write this study for today I realized that I could spend an entire week on this chapter. But I think we can at least touch base on it and if you want to expand your study in your quiet time, then of course I encourage you to do so!

Before we begin, I ask you...if you could have ANY spiritual gift, what would it be? Now, open your Bible, and read I Corinthians 13:1-3.

What does God say these gifts by themselves mean? NOTHING.

Now read verses 4-7 and make two lists in your journal. A what "Love Is" list and a what "Love Isn't". Now, take a good look at your list and decide..Does this list make me feel good about myself..or Bad? How am I doing? (Rhetorical here!)

Next read verses 8-12. Ok, so these verses say some things fail us..but love doesn't. So why do people 'fall out of love?" (Hint: Discussion starter! )

Now read verse 13..and if you haven't, it would be a great verse to memorize today!


Belinda said...

People often fall out of love because their love is selfish and basically all the "Is Nots" listed in these passages.
An enduring love is saying no to self and making the object(s) of that love (God and your spouse) more important than your own desires. And of course, none of us can do that fully, until we are in heaven with the Father, "face to face".

What a moving passage of scripture and a great post Tonya. Thank you.

Snoodles said...

Right on the money, Belinda. I've seen couples who marry because of how the other person makes them FEEL...happy, loved, important, sexy - the list could go on. But love is not totally a feeling; it's a choice. We choose to love even when our lover is unlovely. Or when they unknowingly hurt us. Or when they make what we think are poor decisions...this list could go on, too. Yes, when love begins we have those wonderful tingles and feelings...but just as in our Christian life we mature, so our mortal love life should be a ongoing process as well. Giving and not worrying about the getting. Uh oh...I'll get off my soapbox now. :) I love all of you, ya know that?