Saturday, February 4, 2012

P.P. Questions week 8

A light week in reading means a light week in questions. Yay! I do love our reading and questions but I think everyone is relieved about a light week on occasion.

1)  It is up to the reader to decide what the Delectable Mountains represents. One possibility is that they represent the Sabbath. (The Puritans called the Sabbath a 'market day for the soul'). So, if we thought of them this way, how would the Delectable Mountains remind you of a market day for the soul?

2) The names of the four shepherds imply what about the responsibilities of pastors to their flocks?

3) If you were asked to pick on of these shepherds for your pastor, which one would you pick and why?

4) In the morning, the shepherds call Christian and Hopeful to walk and show them four different places. What is the truth that is taught at each place?

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