Saturday, February 11, 2012

P.P. Discussion Week 8

Hello my friends, I have missed you this week. I am so thankful it was a light P.P. week so that I could keep up!
Here are your discussions for last weeks questions


2) KNOWLEDGE--a truly great minister will have the highest knowledge, a thorough knowledge of the Bible and thus of himself. From this knowledge he can feed his sheep.
EXPERIENCE--A pastor is able to speak with absolute authority about God's comfort and the strength of his everlasting arms after going through a difficult time in which the existence of these attributes has been proved by experience
WATCHFUL--A pastor's vigilance will be seen as he visits, instructs, and personally deals with his people.
SINCERE--His sincerity towards God is seen in his holy living, and thus he is esteemed by his flock. He is transparent and means what he says.

3) rhetorical, but we can discuss. I had a hard time choosing. I think I would go with sincere. The other traits would show in his sincerity I think.

4) HILL OF ERROR--false truths not backed by Scriptures causes instability and a fall. Oh, there are big name false prophets out there. I WISH people would learn to back what they hear with Scripture. It makes me sad.
MOUNTAIN CALLED CAUTION--if it weren't for God's graciousness and mercy, we would be the same as those stumbling, blind men
DOOR IN A HILL--many are exposed to the truth but reject it.
CLEAR HILL-- a view into heaven. To quote from my book: "Often our unbelief and fear, not to mention our  constant gazing with love in the wrong direction, cause us to be unable to appreciate or to see clearly the beauty of all that awaits us as joint heirs with Christ."


Reading assignment:

Moody pp 123-137
Revel spire pp 114-135

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Belinda said...

We've missed you too!

I went with Sincere as well. I'd rather have one that is a comforting presence to his flock, a helpful person who is concerned with leading in truth.

Thanks for your work on this Tonya. We appreciate it!